A Guide to Designing a High School Musical Themed Bedroom

Disney’s High School Musical fever is sweeping the nation! If your child has caught the Zach Effron or Ashley Tisdale bug, then read on. Here’s the perfect High School Musical bedroom theme decor that will put her right in the middle of the show! We’ll look at accents, bedding and linens, floor covering, wall, art, furniture, lighting and much more.

WALL DECOR: All room decor must necessarily begin with walls. Sure you could just hang up a bunch of posters, but that’s pretty boring and they tear easily also. I would reserve on poster for the door front. This lets visitors know that a With the Disney High School Musical theme, we want to create a theater illusion.

1. Paint the walls in a good quality semi-gloss latex paint. Many manufacturers make a children’s room paint that washes well. Choose a neutral tan or beige color.

2. Next, select a darker brown or gray. You will use this to create life sized silhouettes of the High School Musical characters on one wall. Enlarge an image and trace the outline. You can also have your child pose as the characters and trace around her.

3. On another wall, create a brick wall pattern like the back wall of a stage. Use a 3/4″ wide paint brush to paint lines to look like bricks remember to stagger the vertical lines as bricks do.

4. Purchase some inexpensive bulk silk flower leis. Cut them apart and string them together. Drape them over and around furniture.

5. Purchase a High School Musical wall border to put along the ceiling. These borders are available from many retailers.

LIGHTING: For a Disney High School Musical theme, set up theater style lights. You can do this in several ways.

1. Purchase a small, revolving colored globe light from the novelty lighting section of any retailer.

2. Use a fluorescent branched floor lamp with pink bell shaped shades. The lights shine upward and each branch can be bent in different directions. This kind of lamp is available from most major retail outlets.

3. Hang a string of white holiday lights along the walls.

4. Suspend real or replica theater spotlights in each corner. Most lighting outlets and hardware stores sell versions of spotlights that are simple to hang.


1. Bed: Several options are available. The first High School Musical was located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and so the bed may have Mexican theme. High School Musical 2 has a more tropical theme. Using a traditional bed, a tropical theme can be created by hanging a grass table skirt like those used at luaus around the base of the bed for a bed skirt. Tie inflatable palm trees to the posts of the bed.

2. Stage: Your High School Musical lover will need her own stage to practice and rehearse on. Make a small ledge along one wall of the bedroom. Build it about three feet wide and one foot off the floor. Make it as long as you wish. Be sure to support it well. You can also purchase a low table on sturdy metal legs to use as a small stage. These can be found inexpensively in most mass merchandise stores. Whatever you build must be strong enough for the child to dance on. Hang a curtain in front like a theater curtain. You can use a shower curtain in a Hawaiian print. Attach two hooks at the same height on opposite walls. String a length of clothes line around the hooks and hang the curtain from this.

3. Dance barre: Dancers need a practice barre. You can put up a ballet barre easily using a stairway hand railing. Attach this horizontally along a wall. You can attach it to the wall with the stage.

4. Across from the stage, set up a large floor mirror for her to watch herself as she rehearses.

5. Karaoke machine: Since Troy and Gabriella originally met at Karaoke, a small portable machine is a must for your High School Musical decor. Be sure that there is a portable microphone for her to use. This should be on the stage.

6. Costumes and Screen: Gather costumes from theater distributors and second hand store. Hang them on a rack with a screen to change behind.

7. Dresser: Set up a vanity table with a lighted mirror to simulate a theater dressing table. Choose one with drawers to store clothing. Purchase some theater make-up to practice with.

CURTAINS AND BED LINENS: You can find licensed Disney High School Musical accessories in many retail stores. You can also make your own. Fabric and Craft stores sell fabric printed with Disney characters and themes. Purchase cotton fabric for curtains and sheets and polar fleece for blankets and pillows.

Your child can sing and dance her way to stardom with her own Disney High School Musical themed bedroom!