Discover the Sounds of Tuscany On School Music Trips

School music trips are a great way to encourage students to learn more about their subject and appreciate the many different styles that dominate the music scene throughout the world. There are some wonderful destinations for school music trips, from Tallinn to Munich to New York to Normandy, and each one is special. Music is a subject that particularly lends itself to learning outside the classroom; school music trips give students the opportunity to perform in classic venues, develop their talent, and discover new confidence.

What Students Can Achieve On School Music Trips

The idea of these trips is to expose students to as much as possible, offering them the chance to broaden their knowledge and develop new skills in a performance context. Along the way they will also learn to appreciate the importance of music in different communities and the significance of it through the ages. Music in society can be explored and the lives and works of famous musicians, singers, composers and performers can be appreciated.

Students will also revel in the opportunity to travel and the excitement of being immersed in a new culture. Students often grow in confidence personally and socially and team work and group dynamics are usually affected in a positive way.

The Musical Soul Of Tuscany

Tuscany is arguably one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, and the music scene certainly reflects the beautiful scenery, the elegant architecture and the stunning colours and light. Florence, the capital of the region, is home to one of the most stunning cathedrals in the world. Choral groups may be invited to sing at mass in the cathedral, and they can get a real appreciation of the acoustics of this wonderful building. For a more personal performance, some travel companies have access to the Church of St Maria de Ricci, where full-length performances can be practiced. Pisa cathedral and the Basilica in Montecatini are also popular venues for choirs.

Italy is famous for its vibrant music festivals and summer brings many, both small and large. With hundreds of outdoor performances held in town squares and other venues, students are often invited to participate – this is a great way to get them singing and playing in a much more informal and relaxed atmosphere.

School music trips to Florence can also combine visits to some of the country’s most famous cities. Pisa and Siena make for wonderful day trips, and the smaller hill top towns of San Gimignano, Pienza, San Quirico and Montepulciano are also well worth a visit.

Tuscany is famous as the home of many a musical legend, including the small town of Lucca, which was home to the master composer Puccini. In Lucca, students can attend a concert and listen to a collection of pieces that Puccini composed, visit the house in which he was born, and learn more about the life of one of Tuscany’s most famous residents.

Close to the UK, Tuscany is easily accessible and is the perfect venue for an exciting and fascinating trip for young musicians.