High School Musical Party Games

Planning a kids birthday party can be a stressful time for any mother. What them to have, who to invite, what food to buy and what entertainment to have. Also when you have a theme for a party everything in the party has to fit in with that theme, the guests, the food, the room and even the games. It is finding games that fit in with a party theme I find the most difficult as you want to be original but also to stay within your theme and make sure all the guests have a good time! A High School Musical party is one of my favourite parties and here are some of the High School Musical party games that I came up with when hosting a kids party earlier this year.

Top Five High School Musical Party Games

1. Karaoke – Use a High School Musical Karaoke CD and get one parent to act as Mrs Darbus while the guests take it in turns, on their own or in groups, to audition for a part of Gabriella, Troy, Ryan and Sharpay by singing a song from the film. Reward the winners with their very own High School Musical microphones.

2. Cheerleading – Put the girls in the party into groups and play the Get’cha Head in the Game song from the movie and see which group comes up with the best cheerleading moves. A good prize for this game is a set of pom poms for each girl in the winning group.

3. Basketball – If you have outside space and some boys coming to the party try to get hold of a basketball hoop and let them battle it out. Let them come up with their own team names, which the cheerleaders can devise a chant to, and award the winners with some Wildcat prizes.

4. Scholastic Decathlon – Divide the kids into teams for this trivia game. Make up your own questions from the film or use the High School Musical DVD game or the High School Musical party game with trivia cards included. Award the winners with some High School Musical notebooks and pens.

5. Pin the kiss on Troy – Use a large poster of Troy and make a cardboard kiss so that each child can be blindfolded and try and pin the kiss on Troy’s lips. The winner can receive a poster of their own to take home.

You can also purchase a wide range of High School Musical party games such as pinatas, board games, card games and Singstar games. Singstar games can be used on either the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 2 and can be great fun. The kids will love singing along with their favorite songs, if you have them try incorporating these into the Karaoke competition.