Soaring High With High School Musical

Your life would probably mean nothing if you were not in contact with your televisions lately. Disney’s have been creating the wonderful TV movie High School Musical that really catches the attention of the world’s teens. Well for those that do not really have time viewing their televisions here is your chance.

To catch you up, it all started with a soundtrack that started low on Billboard charts of late January at No. 143 but in February, it jumped into the top 10 and almost ended up to No. 1 3 weeks ago. The soundtrack reached astounding platinum in music recording.

The casts principally composed of unheard actors and actresses. Numerous live journals were created and decorated an undying fondness to Zac Efron who plays Troy, the basketball star with an adorable voice who, along with Gabriella, a nerd who can reach high-pitched notes and who looks for someone who will love her. She is the lead role in East High’s musical entitled Twinkle Town.

High School Musical’s songs sound not really good or groundbreaking to everyone. It’s not that acceptable unlike other soundtracks that bear in mind to many. But it’s much unmerited to compare the synth-heavy pop ballads of High School Musical to show tunes. The songs are being compared to the one with Romeo and Juliet.

East High School is a public school that has funding to stage a prolific and melodic musical. Its science club has a roof garden. Most of its student population are said to be clean-cut teens that refer each others parents as Mr. or Mrs. Sharpay the bitch and can be compared to Paris Hilton can always toss at someone to evaporate on her way. East High’s students are so devoid of sexual tension that Sharpay and Ryan do not consider weird. They are brother and sister who is auditioning for lead roles in a love story Troy and Gabriella also auditioned.

Plenty of American teens shows grip on social hierarchy without enjoying the attractiveness of High School Musical. Mostly, they are not watching High School Musical anymore because they are so taken with its story yet High School Musical is partly successful.

HSM has profited from Disney’s astuteness in marketing. The channel started promoting and directing the fans to its website, where they could download the movie’s lyrics and can even order it online. 1.2 million visitors flooded the website and Radio Disney almost playing the soundtracks on heavy rotation. It became the top selling album on Itunes and amazon. Disney also encourage repeat viewings by successive telecasts and offered free downloads and dance along features.

This is not the only time that Disney Channel made its mark on teens. They are also accountable for the success of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and more. High School Musical’s version of high school life is very alluring. From the timid lads and lasses becoming into a real and unique people that can overcome and face life’s reality is very admiring.