Tips For Putting Together A High School Musical Costume

One of the more popular movies among teenagers and children nowadays is High School Musical. This movie (and its sequels), put out by Disney, is one that very few youngsters have not seen at least once. Because of its popularity, a number of different high school musical costumes have also become popular, and will likely be on the Top Halloween costumes chart this year.

So your child loves High School Musical, but you’re just not sure what to get? Here are some of the different costumes that you have to choose from:

High School Musical costumes for girls. Girls who are High School Musical fans have several different options that are not available for the boys. Most of these come in the form of different dresses that will transform you into one of the characters, such as Gabriella or perhaps one that fits into the Sharpay category.

Another High School Musical costumes that is available is the cheerleader costume. These are specifically designed to help girls look like they came right out of the movie. Of course, you can tweak any cheerleader costume to be a High School Musical one, but you can also get High School Musical branded cheerleader costumes, which will make your daughter very happy.

High School Musical costumes for boys. The boys have fewer options as far as high school musical costumes are concerned. Still, you can find some if you look hard enough.

For example, there are Wildcat baseball uniforms or various Troy costumes in one of several different outfits, most of which involve some kind of sport. Although many adults will not be able to distinguish these from regular costumes, any child will easily be able to tell who your child is dressed up at.

Do It Yourself. One of the nice things about putting together a High School Musical costume for your child is that you can, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity, create most or part of it yourself. It helps to watch at least one of the movies a few times!